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This two story house represents one of many in Europe during World War II.  As was often the case during the war, half  the house is destroyed, while the rest remains intact and now serves the armies which engage around it and use it as cover. Once complete, the model’s second story may be removed for easier game play. The model may also be built differently by simply switching the wall around during construction. Multiple kits may be purchased and combined to construct several unique structures.

Ruined 2 story building WWII miniature gaming terrain

This model is cast slightly different than the others with a rubble base and separate walls for easy construction, but still offering the modeler some room for modification. Extras are included, such as wooden beams and even a wall paper sheet cut into strips which you can peel off and stick into place for added character.


Ruined 2 story building WWII miniature gaming terrain

  • The model comes in the following parts for easy assembly:
  • Rubble building base
  • 9 wall sections
  • 2nd story floor section
  • Gable (roof section)
  • 2 tiled roof sections
  • Extra pieces such as wooden beams and wall paper

The pieces are nice and large for easy construction and modifications if you wish.

Ruined 2 story building WWII miniature gaming terrain

Product Code: 101008

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Good item!!

Picked this up, bigger than I thought. Cool that it came with some loose boards, easy to build and painted up awesome. Finally some good resin terrain here in the U.S. by JohnBear.

Johnbear :: Mar 27 2018, 17:35 PM

Can't Wait!

This stuff looks great, and is just what I've been looking for! Now if could only be back in stock...BACK IN STOCK - YEA! :)

kenperry :: Jul 04 2008, 13:57 PM

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