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Custom piece(s) for one of the best games of the Year!




"Nowhere can you hide, creature!" Bellows the brave warrior as his face stiffens. "For I, Kail vow to slay you! You will kill no more!" With tears streaming down his face as he thinks of all who have fallen to the foul creature he declares, "FOR HONOR!"

And thus Kail, Lord Griffon enters battle with righteous fury, and the dragon is struck down. He will harm noone ever again!

NOTE: One of the noblest men that ever lived - Lord Kail leads knights into battle atop his friend and mount, Jeial the Lord of Griffons. Armed with the weapons of righteousness he vows to rid the land of evil.

Included in this lott is the following:


              • Lord Kail and Griffon Miniature!
              • Proper Double sided LASER printed card!
              • Extra detailed Heroscape" custom base!


LIFE - 9 MOVE - 10 RANGE - 1 ATTACK - 4 DEFENSE - 5 POINTS - 210

  • LORD KNIGHT AURA: All valiant figures adjacent to Kail add +2 to attack.
  • RIGHTEOUS FURY: All attacks count as 2. If Kail moves into combat, his first attack does 3 damage each sucessful roll.
  • FLYING: Kail's movements ignore elevations. May fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When Kail starts to fly, if he is engaged he will take any leaving engagement attacks.
  • GRIFFON ATTACK: Range, 1. Attack, 5. May attack any adjacent figures. Addition to normal attack.


WELCOME! The models you see here are simply beautiful! Each model is Pro made: 

  • Designed to be played with Heroscape. 
  • Mounted on detailed BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING bases - each model is studied and placed with care on the BEAUTIFUL custom designed detailed heroscape base with rocks, grass and such (see pics) for that extra special look (you will see no holes on the top of these bases)! 
  • The models are play tested to make sure they are a good addition! 


FREE!! Laser printed card with purchase for use with heroscape!

Product Code: LOR245

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