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Custom piece(s) for one of the best games of the Year!




The field shakes as the Iron Hooves Juggernaught moves accross the battle, creatures being cut in half by the scythe baldes of the chariot and the Warlord whipping to and fro as they reik havock on the field!

Included in this lott is the following:


              • Iron Hooves/ Stormbringer chariot Miniature!
              • FREE!! Laser printed card with purchase for use with heroscape!
              • Extra detailed Heroscape" custom base!


LIFE -8  MOVE - 6 RANGE - 1  ATTACK - 4/6 DEFENSE -5 POINTS - 140

  • CHARIOT Before moving the Chariot, you may choose any unengaged friendly small or medium figure adjacent to the Chariot. Place the chosen figure in chariot, the figure is now part of the chariot and moves with it. It continues to use its Range/ Life but increases its Attack & Defense by +2. Remove model and place in neasest adjacent if chariot is destroyed. If model is destroyed remove from chariot
  • JUGGERNAUGHTIn addition to normal attacks, straight line move only.Any model large 7 or less, in the path of Ironhooves roll a D20, 1-10 the model is trampled (7 Attack dice, move model to rear of chariot). 11-20 model is moved to side of chariot (defender choose side) 4 attack from skythes. Ironhooves continues his move after attacks.   
  • LIGHTING SPHERE Attack-3, Range-8.Once per turn the chariot can fire lighting.
  • SCYTHE WHEELS Attack-3, Range-1.If the Chariot is moving, each scythe wheel attacks any figure(s) it passes before normal attacks.

Chariot letters represent the various humanoids/ creatures and the color dots represent where they can attack. see the chart above and the definitions below.

A - Iron Hooves attack any of the front (green spots)5 hexes

B - Stormbringer attacks either of the (blue spots) 2 side hexes

C - The Rider may attack the red spots which circle the rear of the chariot.

Product Code: IRO645

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