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Custom piece(s) for one of the best games of the Year!




Borngrim - "Glam, I need you to come with me."

Glam - "Where? And why the urgency?

Borngrim (looking away) - "There have been sightings of Grut Orcs on the borders and my clan and I have orders to deal with them."

Glam (looking rather smug) - "And you want me? I thought you were not fond of my skills.  (now smiling) " NEED me."

Borngrim (looking grim; not liking the fact he has been figured out) " This is no time for that, Glam! There is more out there than just Orcs, and if having you with me will keep my people alive...then, yes." (reluctantly)  I...need you."

Glam (very smug now) "That sounds good; that I am needed, of course. Let's be off then."

...And off they go with a very satisfied Glam.

Note: Glam is a rare find; a Dwarf whose skill in the arts has saved many battles from going the wrong way!



Included in this lott is the following:

              • Glam Everseer Miniature!
              • Proper Double sided LASER printed card!
              • Extra detailed Heroscape" custom base!



  • IRON RAIN: Range 8, Attack 2. Target a figure and attack. In addition, each adjacent hex is also attacked with 1 attack die. If figure takes up more than 1 hex it receives attacks as directed above.
  • AMULET OF POWER: Range 1, Attack 1. Instead of normal attack, Glam may attack 1 unique character. If save is failed, target is destroyed
  • IRON WILL: Glam may move any Dwarf unit or character up to 4 spaces. May move through impassable terrain but not end move on it.
  • In addition Glam is a Dwarven Sorcerer by class which allows him to “Summon” some creatures/ units onto the battlfield to aid him fight. For instances the Creature “Stone Golem” has the special power “summon” which means he may be purchased to an army as normal or “Summoned” by a Sorcerer such as glam.

(Please see the specific unit card for rules concerning summoning.

WELCOME! The models you see here are simply beautiful! Each model is Pro made: 

  • Designed to be played with Heroscape. 
  • Mounted on detailed BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING bases - each model is studied and placed with care on the BEAUTIFUL custom designed detailed heroscape base with rocks, grass and such (see pics) for that extra special look (you will see no holes on the top of these bases)! 
  • The models are play tested to make sure they are a good addition! 


FREE!! Laser printed card with purchase for use with heroscape!

Product Code: GLAW45

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