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Games Workshop - Citadel Miniatures

White Dwarf 168 - December 1993

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Cover Art Blood Angels Space Marine by Dave Gallagher

Inside WH40K 'Eavy Metal: Gretchin

2-3 Ad GW and Citadel News

7-12 WH40K 2nd Blood Angels Death Company


Chapter History

The Black Rage

Bood Angels Death Company: Stats

Special Rules

Blood Angels Death Company Army List


18-34 WFB 4th The Origins of the Skaven

The Skaven Under-Empire: Map

The History of the Skaven

'Eavy Metal: Skaven Army Regiments

Clanrat Warrior Regiment

Stormvermin Regiment

Skavenslave Regiment

'Eavy Metal: Skaven Army Regiments

Clan Pestilens Plage Monk Regiment

Clan Moulder Rat Ogre Pack

Clanrat Warrior Regiment

'Eavy Metal: Skaven


36 Man O' War 'Eavy Metal


Skaven Fleet

Flying Creatures


37 WFB 'Eavy Metal: Dwarf Slayers

40-44 WH40K 2nd Assault Squads: Space Marines


'Eavy Metal: Ultramarines Space Marine Assault Squad


46-64 Space Marine 2nd Bloodbath on Centius Prime: Battle Report - Chaos vs. Orks

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