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Games Workshop - Citadel Miniatures  

White Dwarf 154 - October 1992

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Cover Art High Elf Dragon Rider by David Gallagher

Inside WFB 'Eavy Metal: A Spectacular Wizard's Tower

4-12 Modelling Modelling Workshop: Buildings

17 Painting 'Eavy Metal: High Elves

18-21 WH40K Ultramarines: Identification Markings


'Eavy Metal

Teactical Squad

Devastator Squad


27-31 WFB 4th The Game of Fantasy Battles: Background of 4th Ed. Development

34-49 Space Marine 2nd The Battle for Golgotha: Battle Report - Orks vs. Squats

51-53 Painting 'Eavy Metal: Heroes of the Empire


Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic

Captain of the Reiksguard Knights

Ludwig Swartzhelm (The Emperor's Champion)

Imperial Herald with Battle Standard


54-55 WFB 4th Goblin Doom Divers

61-64 Index White Dwarf Issue Index:  to 153

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