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Known by Draconian, Draconum, these creatures are a cross between what is thought to be Man and Dragon, very strong and dangerous they cross the best of both worlds by combining the powers of the Dragons and the arts of man. Mystic arts and knowledge, Weapons craft and some have even known to posses Fire breathing! Dangerous indeed!

This one combineds the knowledge of mystic arts and the power of Dragons.


Included in this lott is the following:

              • Draconian Mystic Adept Miniature!
              • Proper Double sided LASER printed card!
              • Extra detailed Heroscape" custom base!



  • ASHES TO ASHES Range - 10, Attack special. Twice per game, choose any one  target in line of site. On a D20 roll of 11 or higher it is destroyed.
  • FIRE PILLAR Range 4, Attack 5. Choose a figure as your target. Roll damage to that figure. In addition, you do 4 attack dice of damage to every figure adjacent to the target.
  • FIRELINE SPECIAL ATTACK Range Special, Attack 6. Choose 7 spaces in a straight line from the mystic. All figures on those spaces who are in line of sight are affected by fireline. Roll 6 attack
    dice once for all affected figures. Affected figures roll defense dice separately.
  • FLYING When counting spaces for the Draconian Mystic's movement, ignore elevations. The Mystic may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When the Mystic statrts to fly, if he is engaged he will take any leaving engagement attacks.

    WELCOME! The models you see here are simply beautiful! Each model is Pro made: 

    • Designed to be played with Heroscape. 
    • Mounted on detailed BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING bases - each model is studied and placed with care on the BEAUTIFUL custom designed detailed heroscape base with rocks, grass and such (see pics) for that extra special look (you will see no holes on the top of these bases)! 
    • The models are play tested to make sure they are a good addition!

Product Code: CUS241

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