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Designed for Machine Gun, Mortar & Anti Tank gun teams...

Enough bases to mount multiple guns with their crews, 20mm bases are made for the crewmen to be mounted on so they can get closer to their gun(s) and other crewmen; also allows for crew removal in the event of a casualty. Pack comes with the following:


4 - 20mm x 40mm textured bases (for static MG team/prone miniatures)
8 - 20mm square textured bases for gun crews
1 - 20mm x 60mm miniature square textured base (for Prone crewman firing LMG)
2 - 25mm square miniature textured bases (for Mortars or equipment)
5 - 25mm round miniature blank bases (for teams on the move!)
1 - 4"x 3" MDF "cement-textured" base for "cut-to-fit" larger guns such as A.T. guns, support guns!
Various ammo crates to add to your bases for extra character! 


SMALL EQUIPMENT BASES USED FOR LMG TEAMS! (Note use of crates which are included)

Showing the based M.M.G. Team deployed and ready to fire, bases touching indicate a working team - now you can remove casualities easily!

LMG Team on the move - 5 x 25mm round bases are included - (and sold seperately).

25mm textured squared bases are included to mount Mortar and 20mm textures square bases for crew...

Prone teams are mounted on a 20mm x 60mm textured base for gunner w/LMG and crewman loader is mounted on a textured 20mm x 40mm


Anti Tank Guns with crews mounted (note the ammo crates - various are included- on the bases for extra character)...


Anti Tank Guns with crews mounted (20mm bases in pictures are blank- you will get the textured bases as seen above - in addition the "cut to fit" 3x4 inch base has a cement like texture on it!) ...



Using these bases gives the miniatures much more character, like a miniature diorama! here are some samples of models in progress:

Product Code: 601004

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