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Attention - Items dropping from cart.

Are items you're trying to order dropping from your shopping cart?

If you are experiencing problems with our shopping cart (i.e. cart empties on checkout), you may need to check your browser’s privacy setting.  If set to “high,” you will need to either change it to a lower security level or add “” to your browser’s list of allowed sites. 


If you're accessing Google Accounts from behind a firewall, proxy, or anti-virus program, temporarily disable the program and try signing in to Battlemart. If disabling the program resolves the issue you're experiencing, then most likely the software is causing the problem.

Note: if you're using a work computer, the problem may be related to your computer's corporate security settings. We suggest checking with your system administrator.

If you cannot get your cart to retain your order or just prefer you may send us your order via email to: and we will simply place the order manually for you and send you a Paypal invoice.

Thank you, Battlemart team!



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